• We've come a long way.
    From a humble beginning in 1924 the NSW rice industry has grown to become a major contributor to Australia's wealth
  • The RMB’s primary function is to obtain the best possible monetary return to NSW rice growers consistent with the maintenance of orderly marketing.
  • Rice is only grown in NSW when there is water available, after the needs of the environment, towns, livestock and permanent plantings have been met.
  • NSW rice growers care about the environment in which they live and work.



The Board meets monthly and discusses all areas of management including the Crop Audit, Authorised Buyer Licence regime, review of the Sole and Exclusive Export Licence holder and the Board's financial reports.


The Secretary of the Board is responsible for the management of Finance, Administration and Compliance.

The Board's current Secretary is Mrs Carol Chiswell, CPA.


The Board's Risk Management Framework can be found here.