• We've come a long way.
    From a humble beginning in 1924 the NSW rice industry has grown to become a major contributor to Australia's wealth
  • The RMB’s primary function is to obtain the best possible monetary return to NSW rice growers consistent with the maintenance of orderly marketing.
  • Rice is only grown in NSW when there is water available, after the needs of the environment, towns, livestock and permanent plantings have been met.
  • NSW rice growers care about the environment in which they live and work.


Objects of the Rice Marketing Board

As Gazetted 23 May 2009

  • To encourage the development of a competitive domestic market for rice
  • To ensure the best possible returns from rice sold outside Australia based on the quality differentials or attributes of Australian grown rice.
  • To liaise with and represent the interest of all NSW rice growers in relation to the Board's function and objects.