• We've come a long way

    From a humble beginning in 1924 the NSW rice industry has grown to become a major contributor to Australia's wealth

  • 245,000 tonnes of rice produced in 2016
  • 412 farms producing rice
  • 22,466 hectares of harvested area

Service Level Agreement with SunRice

The objects of the Rice Marketing Board for the State of NSW (RMB) include ensuring the best possible returns from rice sold outside Australia based on the quality differentials or attributes of Australian grown rice. The Sole and Exclusive Export Licence (SEEL) is a licence granted by the RMB under the NSW Rice Marketing Act 1983, with a view to achieving that object. The SEEL grants the holder the exclusive right to export NSW grown rice.

The current holder of the SEEL is Ricegrowers Limited, trading as SunRice. The Service Level Agreement documents the processes, information exchange and reporting requirements expected between the RMB and SunRice as the holder of the SEEL.

You can view the Service Level Agreement here. To view the March 2020 Status report on the Service Level Agreement click here.